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AD-16E - Deluxe Water Demonstration Kit

Deluxe Water Demonstration Kit

softener simulator, multiple tests

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This is Hachs most complete water conditioning kit. Includes demonstrations and test for seven critical water problems. In addition to soap consumption and softner demonstrations, the AD-16E includes test for iron, ph, nitrates and Total Dissolved Solids. Includes a sturdy carrying case, new plastic viewing tubes and a small scale water softener. Use as a comprehensive tesing device or as a sales tool.

Softeners are 11 inches tall with an outside diameter of 3.75 inches. Cationic exchange resin is easily regenerated after about 75 gallons of water usage at average conditions. Hardness test utilizes the dropper count method for detecting gpg of hardness. Includes 2 reagents in dropper tip bottles and plastic vial marked at 20 ml. Precipitation test includes 2 reagents in 1oz. dropper tip bottles, 2 glass test tubes, and test tube stand. Soap test includes soap reagent in 1oz. dropper tip bottle and 2 glass flasks. ALSO AVAILABLE: Individual test kits for Chlorine, Iron, Precipitation, Total Hardness, Wide Range pH, and TDS pocket meters.

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